Samba performances, beaches and hot weather are some of the things that may come to your mind when you think about planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro. But did you know that you can also associate Rio with colder weather, mountain villages and castles? Moving about 65km away from the city, you can find a marvellous place known as “The Imperial City of Petropolis”. So if you are looking to travel to Rio, don’t forget to include Petropolis in your itinerary – see our tour offer for Petropolis. It is the perfect place to spend some free time and take a break from the usual attractions of Rio including the beaches.

The Imperial City of Petropolis has a long history. Apart from being a famous tourist attraction and a landmark, it is the place which served as the residence of Dom Pedro the Second. Today, it is an Imperial Museum which houses some amazing works of art including antique furniture and jewelry which bears imprints of the famous royal family.

Petropolis is home to a number of historic sites as well as tourist attractions and can best be seen and experienced with the help of a guide. When visiting Petropolis, some of the attractions that must not be missed include the Crystal Palace, Cathedral of St. Peter of Alcantara, Quitandinha Palace and the House of Santos Dumont. It has a rich history and a cool climate which is the reason why many Europeans migrated to this area in the past.

Depending on the time of the year you visit Petropolis, you may be lucky to see small waterfalls. The Quintandinha Palace has an amazing architecture. Although it is a cultural centre now, it was once a hotel casino. The Imperial Museum is, however, the highlight of the tour because it used to be the residence of the royal family. Inside the museum, you can find paintings, pictures, clothes and articles that tell the story of Brazil when it was still a monarchy.

A few blocks away from the Museum, you can visit the Cathedral and the house of Santos Dumont. This place is definitely worth a visit because it belonged to the person who invented the airplane. The Flowers Clock is another interesting place to see when in Petropolis. If you are lucky to get a weekend to spend there with your family, you might spend it shopping at Teresa Street which is famous for selling quite affordable Brazilian clothes. The area is also surrounded by a number of romantic places which you can visit with your loved one.

Being a very popular holiday spot, it has an amazing climate and places that will simply take your breath away. During the 1830s, Petropolis was just a farmland which was developed by Dom Petro I. Later on, his son transformed this place into a summer residence palace and a number of mansions and cathedrals were built around it. This is how the place got its name “The Imperial City”. If you are looking to travel from Rio de Janeiro, you can catch a bus or travel by car. It hardly takes 45 minutes to reach the city.

Accommodation in Petropolis is also worth the mention for visitors who are looking to stay for a day or longer. There are some really nice hotels around the area offering an excellent service to travellers. Some hotels are even located near the bus station so you can check in as soon as you arrive. If you are a tourist and would like to experience something more historic, then you can check out the colonial style hotels. Some pousadas offer spring proximity and access to waterfalls so you can have a great time bathing and wading when you have nothing else to do.

Cooler weather, plenty of ecotourism, charming hotels, adventure opportunities and historic buildings all make Petropolis one of the must-visit places around Rio. The mountain resort is quite close to Rio and therefore it is always mistaken as a part of Rio, just like other towns such as Nova Friburgo and Teresopolis. Most of the attractions in the city are located in the downtown area which makes sightseeing really convenient.

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