Experience, sympathy, family business

In 1985, one of my travels brought me to Rio de Janeiro and it immediately felt like home.
I was so impressed by the warmth of the Brazilians and the fantastic nature that I decided to stay for a while in Rio.
As chance would have it, I met my wife Marion after a short time and we are still happily married today.
If you want to live and settle down abroad (and not only there!), having a loving partner who supports you in every situation is a great help.
Back then we founded our first travel agency, the RIO EXTRA TOUR.
Tourism played a minor role at that time so we focused on cooperating with airline crews, like Lufthansa, Swissair, Alitalia, and British Airways.
Soon after that, we started organizing our first trips through Brazil and South America and worked as an income agency for German promoters.
Between 1990 and 2000 we built and operated one of the first Pousadas (family hotels) in Trancoso / Porto Seguro, about 1000 km south of Salvador. Today, this area is among the most exclusive bathing resorts of South America. In addition, South America’s first Club Med opened there.
Nowadays, Brazil has become a popular holiday destination with strongly developed tourism.
A large number of cruise ships, with which we partly cooperate, visits the port of Rio de Janeiro during the season.
Megaevents like the Pan American Games, the FIFA World Cup 2014, the visit of the Pope in 2015, large concerts and the Olympic Games helped us develop and improve.
Our Rio Extra Tour team would be happy to welcome you to Rio de Janeiro and show you this beautiful city.


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