Rio de Janeiro 2017

Rio is a city with more than six million inhabitants and with many natural wonders that captivate the visitor quickly.

The Olympic Games are over and what remains is the question whether Rio could benefit from them or not.

Several projects were undertaken to modernize infrastructure and improve public transport in order to ensure the smooth operation for this big event.
Now that everything is implemented, Rio de Janeiro received a new „face“. Slums were recovered, as the port, which is now one of the new tourist attractions with its many museums.

The bottom line is, however, that “the poor are still poor and the rich are a little less rich”.

Social inequality in Brazil is still very large, but the situation in the slums, which are now referred to as „poor communities“, has improved.

A few years ago, the government took over the control of these communities, installing pacifying police units (UPP) and launching several social projects. Today, tourists have the opportunity to visit these areas and see progress that was unthinkable just a while ago.

Tourism has grown enormously and guests are welcome in our city. The „Carioca“ loves serving people of different cultures and nationalities and to communicate with them. The exchange of information with these other cultures had a very positive impact on our country.

We wish you a pleasant stay.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We would be pleased to be able to show you this exciting metropolis.
All our tours are individually performed for you.
We pick you up from the hotel in our air-conditioned vehicles and bring you back there.
Trust in our many years of experience.



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Statements received by Rio Extra Tour

Nick Flynn, at 06/14/2017
Udo and Anderson and actually everyone here are very very nice. Udo was immediately responsive to any and all questions and Anderson showed me everything that I needed to see. They speak really good English which helped a ton because the language barrier was much more difficult than I expected. Anderson never rushes and knows much more than a local Uber or taxi. Using again for sure.
Bien Oliva, at 06/01/2017
My private guide Anderson did an excellent job. I was very happy and satisfied because I was able to see most of the sights that I needed to see. He treated me like his own friend. I would like to get him again as my guide when I come back to Rio and I will highly recommend him to my friends.
Thomas - Lilian, at 05/29/2017
This tour is ideal for individual travellers who have only 1-3 days for Sightseeing in Rio. The guides are most flexible, friendly and with a sense of humour making the City tour most pleasant. We could do the "must sees" within our 2 days stay in a very comfortable way and could profit of the guides knowledge about the city in general and it's hot spots and also that we could have the tour in German language. It's every Cent worth to book them. Thanks a lot Marion for that wonderful tour and all the best to you and Udo! Thomas & Lilian Zeindler, Switzerland
Stephany, at 05/15/2017
I had a very nice tour. I've been in Rio for few days. And I've already seen some sights. The Christ Statue of course because it was my bigger desire. The steps of Selaron, The Center. Was a big surprise my last day with Anderson because he showed me things that I couldn't imagine. The Tijuca Park, The Beach in Barra and the Pedra Bonita to see the paragliders. It was amazing. It would be just a tour to spend time because my flight was confirmed to the night and my check out in the hotel 12 am. But he surprised me. Thank you Anderson. I hope come back soon. Stephany
Carol Greene, at 05/03/2017
My husband and I were with Anderson for two full days in Rio de Janeiro. There could be no better way to know the marvelous city. Punctual, honest, considerate and extremely dedicated. I have no words to describe how pleased I was with our trip. We enjoyed a lot all of the security and practicality. Excellent logistics. Congratulations surely you’ll be recommended to all our friends and acquaintances.